The Modesty of Muslim Dress

The manner of Muslim dress has always been a controversial issue among the world because Islam is not just like any other religion. The unfortunate truth is that it has more dissenters than of its followers due to which it has always been a center of attention for critics. Many states including Europe have tried to outlaw certain aspects of Muslim dress which include Hijab Online and veil. Coming towards the aspects of Islamic dress code, it depends on the culture of a region but there are some certain requirements which need to be met in order to fulfill its criteria. Simplicity is one of those basic requirements which help to maintain the decency level of Muslim dress Abaya Online. The purpose behind this thought is to withhold Muslims from being arrogant on their flashy and shiny appearance. There are some other limitations which include, the body must be covered in all aspects, and the clothes must be loose enough so as not to prominent any part of the body. Islam also discourages see-through dresses because it doesn’t look appropriate.  Apart from the above facts, Islam is not just about decent Muslim dress, it’s the behavior of a person which matters the most.

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