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Delicate Flowery Embroidered Abaya Delicate Flowery Embroidered Abaya
-24 % brings you one of the gorgeous designs from our embroidered abayas collection. All plain black front close gown with a delicate flowery embroidered sleeve is simply what you need to be your best self.  Available in the most affordable price, high-quality embroidery is extremel..
Rs.6,450 Rs.8,450
Diamond Studded Black Abaya Diamond Studded Black Abaya
-14 %
A fusion of maxi abaya designs with the intricate work of stones, this Diamond studded black lace abaya is your perfect wear for the wedding. It has a pullover front close style with admirable stone-studded sleeves that remind you of sparkling stars at night. So, if you want to shine gloriously ..
Rs.5,950 Rs.6,950
Dotted Embroidered Black Abaya Dotted Embroidered Black Abaya
-24 %
Get this gorgeous abaya with the dotted embroidery that makes you pleasantly distinctive among the crowd. If you are someone who is interested in experimenting with their look with different abaya styles, this dotted embroidered black abaya should be a part of your wardrobe. It has a v neck styl..
Rs.6,450 Rs.8,450
Duo Color Laced Up Gown Abaya Duo Color Laced Up Gown Abaya
-24 %
Take a look at simply stunning yet pleasantly different designs from our dantel and lace abayas collection. The eye-catching combination of black and white, the long bell sleeves with beautiful broad lace, and a waist belt (tie belt) to make things even more interesting are just some of the fant..
Rs.6,450 Rs.8,450
Embroidered Lace Gown Abaya Embroidered Lace Gown Abaya
-26 %
This stunning embroidered lace gown is one of the most wanted pieces of our Butterfly Abaya Dubai collection. It has a v neck embroidered butterfly style, made with 100 percent pure Nada Korean georgette abaya. So, if you want to look gorgeous and graceful, shop this beauty now at the most affor..
Rs.6,950 Rs.9,450
Floral Embroidery Abaya Floral Embroidery Abaya
Best Selling -22 % brings you an exquisite embroidered abaya with a unique floral design. You can wear it both on casual and formal occasions as it has just the right amount of classic embroidery along with a simple, sophisticated front open v neck design. This beautifully embroidered abaya dress is made o..
Rs.6,950 Rs.8,950
Flowery Open Gown Abaya Flowery Open Gown Abaya
-27 %
When it comes to casual abaya dress, the simple it is, the better. This sophisticated Flowery Open Gown Abaya is a casual wear v neck with an open front design with hard work detailing. It’s nothing extreme, but it doesn’t need to be. The elegant flower buttons alone are adding enough charm.&nbs..
Rs.5,450 Rs.7,450
Garden Of Hope Gold Abaya Garden Of Hope Gold Abaya
Best Selling -18 %
Like its name, this gorgeous front close abaya is unique and super attractive. A show-stopper ethnic outfit from our new abaya design collection, this abaya has exceptionally detailed gold embroidery done on its beautiful bell sleeves. It has a v neck style and is made of Nada Korean georgette f..
Rs.6,950 Rs.8,450
Hooded Sack Black Abaya Hooded Sack Black Abaya
-27 %
Contemporary design in an abaya is rare but fashionable. Take a look at this chic Hooded sack abaya with a front close plain black design, which makes it modern but graceful at the same time. Perfect for the daily wear, this casual abaya made out pure Korean georgette fabric.  Abaya Fe..
Rs.5,450 Rs.7,450
Hooded Turtle Neck Abaya Hooded Turtle Neck Abaya
-29 %
Bored of the same old designs? How about this gorgeous Black Hooded turtle neck abaya from our latest abaya styles collection? Designed with a unique neck and a front close gown style, this semi-casual wear abaya is made of jersey stretchable material, that gives the outfit a flawless overall lo..
Rs.4,950 Rs.6,950
Hooded Turtle Neck Blue Abaya Hooded Turtle Neck Blue Abaya
-29 %
This gorgeous Blue Hooded turtle neck abaya from our latest abaya style collection is a must-have.  Designed with an eye-catching neck pattern, this gown has a closed front style. This semi-casual wear abaya is made of jersey stretchable material, which is comfortable to wear on all kinds o..
Rs.4,950 Rs.6,950
Intricate Lace Black Abaya Intricate Lace Black Abaya
-24 %
Reflect your exquisite taste in abaya fashion by wearing this outstanding Intricate lace black abaya. It is formal wear, front open abaya with a v neck style that will make you look super stylish.  Abaya Features:·        It Comes with matching plain..
Rs.6,450 Rs.8,450
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